Rising from Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a band known as GLADIATORS. Lancaster is a cultural hub located amongst five major U.S. cities known for bringing audiences together in the vibrant music scene exclusive to the region. GLADIATORS work tirelessly to set themselves apart and establish a new frontier in the genre of metal. They bring a fresh perspective and direction to a scene that has developed a specific sound.

Guitarist, Josh Krantz, emphasized, "I've spent too many years playing in bands that had nothing to say with a vision that was cloudy. Now the group is solidified with a clear path of where we are going and what message we want people to hear. We are loud. We are aggressive. And we most certainly have a brand of honesty that countless can relate to." GLADIATORS worked meticulously for the better part of a year to establish their release and make sure that the tone was set right from the get-go.

GLADIATORS debut record, “One Tooth at a Time”, was produced by Rick Armellino of This or the Apocalypse. Listeners can expect to find songs that consist of spiraling melodies, fast-paced riffs, and devastating breakdowns on the release. “One Tooth at a Time” delivers a unique blend of sounds for fans of metal, hardcore, and progressive music. The band is setting out to inspire its audiences with an intense amount of energy along with a blue-collar work ethic . Vocalist, Mike Hart stated, “This upcoming release has really pushed all of us as musicians and as people. I hope that our fans will get as much from our music as we in the band do.”