About ci records

Established in 1987, CI Records has been influencing the music industry for over 30 years. Being the launchpad of multiple Billboard 200 charting bands, the home base of the Launch Music Conference, and leading the punk and metal movement in Lancaster, PA have created the reputation of quality that CI Records strives for with each endeavor. CI Records offers multiple services for artists that can help to launch their career.


226 N. Prince Street | Lancaster, PA 17603 | (717) 391-7865

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Does CI Records accept Demos?
We definitely accept unsolicited demos, but keep in mind that we receive a lot of them. Everything we receive is listened to; however, there simply isn't enough time in the day to respond to every band that sends us something.
If you would like to submit a demo, send us a link to check you out online. Please include any relevant information as well.

How do I book one of your bands?
Please check out the individual artist pages under the artists tab. All relevant contacts for booking can be found on those pages.

I work for a website/magazine/radio show/etc. and want to get in touch about covering one of your artists. How can I get promos or set up interviews?
Thanks for your interest! Individual artists may have their own publicists handling press, but you can always email info@thecicompanies with all of the appropriate information, and we'll look into facilitating your request or forwarding it to the appropriate party if necessary.

Who can I contact about something I purchased in your physical or online store?
Please direct all store-related questions to info@cirecords.com.

What is the story behind CI Records?
CI Records was started by Jeremy Weiss in 1987 as a vehicle to release his own music and music by bands he was passionate about. Over time the label has released over 50 offerings from the diverse spectrum of "independent music", growing from a hobby into a full-time effort.
CI Records has worked with veterans such as
The Julianna Theory, onelinedrawing, and Sense Field, as well as having helped launch the careers of bands like August Burns Red, The Pink Spiders, Texas in July, Once Nothing, and Sadaharu.

Is CI only a record label?
CI Records is a part of The CI Companies , an interlinked number of individual businesses including CI Booking - a full service booking agency and CI Productions - booking and promoting shows in Central PA for over 20 years. In addition, CI also operates one of the longest running independent music stores in Lancaster PA, having been in business since 1995!

What do the letters CI stand for?
Technically, nothing. Many many many moons ago, the bossman played in a punk band called Corrupted Image and the initials have been used ever since.