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hot jam factory


Hot Jam Factory is a name that stands on it's own," states Mark Boeshore of Columbia Records. This musical movement is fronted by Jordan Trevino, Phil Altenburg, Cayt Lesher, Alex Hilliard, and Grant Goldsworthy. With a live performance arrangement of anywhere from 6-9 members, HJF stretches boundaries, both live, and through recording.  From genres ranging from vintage garage rock to powerful folk ballads; high energy dance-oriented rock, to almost symphonic indie rock, Hot Jam Factory is a sight and sound to see and hear.  They're particularly known for their extravagant live performances packed with energy and surprise, from full horn sections, additional percussion and unconventional rock instruments, to installation, and performance art injected into their show.  

Hot Jam signed to CI Records in 2014, with the release of Introducing Hot Jam Factory, their critically acclaimed label debut, and have released a series of digital singles since.  

Hot Jam Factory’s sophomore album Hot Jam Factory & The Hi-Fi Underside came out in 2019, relix Magazine said “The album narrates the here-and-now through anthemic, emotionally captivating tracks that seamlessly flow into one another. A must-listen coming-of-age album.”