Joe Lengson cut his teeth in the music business by playing bass in the Tooth & Nail/SolidState metal band, MyChildren MyBride, a band that toured the world, appeared on numerous music television shows and landed on the Billboard top 200. In addition, Lengson penned and published his own novel Sleeping in Parking Lots while simultaneously touring the globe. After turning down an offer to host his own MTVu music video program, Lengson set his sights on developing what would become the music of The Woodsman’s Babe. The tunes ended up being a great source of catharsis for the artist who found a new freedom in being able to create the music he felt he was suppressing while being enveloped in the metal world.

Lengson’s music is well worth a listen as he takes a radical departure from the music of MyChildren MyBride. The mellow indie folk tones found with The Woodsman’s Babe are a pleasure to hear.